03 March 2015

Police Brutality In America -- Rodney King Remembered -- With Video

Filed by James MacArthur

Sadly we've had plenty of our own Rodney Kings in Baltimore... ‪Tyrone West‬ ‪ and Anthony Anderson ‪among them. In reality there are far too many to name.

On this day in 1991, once again as in times past, America was forced to face police brutality. 24 years later the question is; how far have we come?

Sometimes it's important to be reminded just how long this mess has been going on. They keep trying to tell you things are changing, but I think reality show us different.

Personally, as a black man living in America, I've shed far too many tears over the years for men I've never met. This land is filled with brutal, corrupt, criminals running things. One day they'll have to answer to the Chief Judge. And with Him there aren't any postponements. They all have their rewards. Their eternal sentence awaits.

Relisha Rudd, Still Missing A Year Later #ColdCase

8-Year-Old Not Declared Dead, FBI Offers $25,000 Reward
Filed by James MacArthur

WASHINGTON, DC (MINS) -- DC government claims the search for Relisha Rudd continues.

Relisha vanished a year ago from DC General, the homeless shelter where she and her family were living. Police believe the shelter’s janitor, Khalil Tatum, kidnapped her.

There has been zero evidence suggesting she may still be alive, but at a press conference Monday, officials spoke of the case as if there was still an ongoing active search for the 8-year-old girl.

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said they've found no evidence that Rudd is dead, but they also have no helpful evidence on her current whereabouts.

This despite the fact that Tatum -- the person she was last seen with -- was named as the lone suspect in the murder of his own wife, and himself now dead, after his body was found in the wooded area of a local park. He died of an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.

Relisha's mom speaks as if she's still alive: “I just hope somebody, anybody, runs into her and whoever got her just returns her,” she said.

Her friends speak differently: “My belief system is that we are looking for a body. I have told Shameka [Relisha's mom] this and that’s just what my focus is,” said family friend Brenda Brown.

Relisha’s mother and her boyfriend have said they didn’t call the police when she went missing because they didn’t have a phone.

References: Washington Post timeline of events


RAVENS RUMOR -- Mike Vick As Potential Backup QB?

BALTIMORE -- (MINS) The Ravens could be looking at free agent quarterback Michael Vick. The team needs to bring dependable veteran leadership and a solid backup for Joe Flacco.

Currently on the roster of the New York Jets, Vick becomes a free agent next week on 10 March.

According to ESPN.com:
Vick isn't in the Jets' immediate plans. Where will he land? Remember, he didn't generate much interest last offseason, so there's no guarantee he'll find a team. He mentioned a desire to play for the Washington Redskins (he's from Virginia), but it's hard to imagine them adding Vick to their quarterback circus. His best bet might be the Baltimore Ravens, where former Jets coordinator Marty Mornhinweg -- a Vick ally from their days in Philadelphia -- coaches the quarterbacks. The Ravens don't have an experienced backup under contract. Near the end of last season, Vick said he was capable of playing another two or three years. Good luck.

02 March 2015

Under Armour Is Hiring -- Interns Wanted #GotDiversity?

Absolutely astounded by the level of diversity reflecting the surrounding Baltimore community on display in this ad. Note the lone black male is partially obscured towards the rear in the photo. A mere coincidence no doubt.

Anyone spending time around the Under Armour campus in Locust Point would be readily struck by how diverse their workforce is.

For those looking to "be part of something special" here's a link to apply.

ANOTHER Ravens Player In Trouble With The Law During Preseason

This is really starting to get old.

Seriously though, if you're only 22, haven't even began yet, and you're coming to play with the Ravens; please don't drive at 100 mph, in a 55 zone, while drunk -- WITH AN OPEN CONTAINER -- with your friends who are in possession of marijuana and firearms. It's not a good look.

Victor Tyrell Hampton, you are the jackass of the week!!!

01 March 2015

Baltimore Mayor Taking Her Act To Grand Stage -- Joining Cast Of "Chicago"

Baltimore mayor to join cast of 'Chicago' on stage for one night

After years in public service perfecting her "act," Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is ready to take her show on to the stage.

Blake is getting her big break in theater, joining the cast of "Chicago, The Musical" next week at the Hippodrome Theatre.

Read more:

With Recent Announcement, Uber Set To Achieve Total Victory In Maryland

Global Transportation Provider Announces 50,000 New Driver Jobs On East Coast, Including 5000 In Maryland & 500 In Baltimore
BALTIMORE -- (MINS) Despite non-stop waves of bad press, Uber has been quietly gaining victories throughout the country, if not world. Often meeting with still initial resistance, persistence and shrewd cunning tactics has seen Uber winning over regulators one at a time, as they roll on to total market domination. 

While naysayers raise concerns and complaints, the company -- valued at over $40 billion dollars -- operating in over 250 cities around the world, is clearly here to stay. They're sinking roots ever deeper in local transportation infrastructure from coast to coast.

Perhaps no company in history has so skillfully lobbied legislators to get what they're after.

For two years in a row, State Sen. Bill Ferguson, a Baltimore Democrat, has introduced legislation that would provide lighter regulatory oversight for Uber and other ridesharing companies in the state.

The Baltimore Sun reports the rideshare company announced the launch of "Uber's Urban Partnership," or "UberUP" in Annapolis last Friday.

The location is highly significant, as Annapolis is a city -- the only jurisdiction in the entire Maryland, DC and Virginia area -- that has threatened to levy fines and tickets on Uber drivers operating within it's borders.

Uber also announced several days of free rides for users in Annapolis. And end run around regulations, as without charging a fee, regulators are powerless to stop them.

Last month Virginia enacted legislation permanently permitting the rideshare provider to operate. DC passed similar legislation last Novemeber.

Using the word "partnership" is significant. The announcement was made with numerous heavy hitters with significant community and legislative clout on stage along with Uber.

According to The Baltimore Sun:
"The announcement in Annapolis on Friday afternoon drew an urban renewal expert, an NAACP representative, the head of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and lawmakers from Baltimore City and Prince George's County who all praised the move as key to bringing employment to people left out of the economic recovery.
"I'm very excited about the opportunity that Uber opens up for jobs, jobs, jobs," said Del. Cheryl D. Glenn, a Democrat from Baltimore. "That's what we're about. Good-paying jobs for our people."
Glenn, who said she had never used the car-sharing service before co-sponsoring legislation to create a new regulatory plan for Uber, said she's done a lot of research and values the dependability and transparency that Uber's service provides. 
"In Baltimore City, we absolutely need help with our transportation," she said. 
Bob Ross, president of the Prince George's County chapter of the NAACP, praised the urban expansion as a way to let entrepreneurs quickly turn a profit. 
"It gives people a chance to have a part-time job, or a full-time job, without the expense of starting a business," he said."
Next month, Maryland's Public Service Commission will hold a rule-making session for broader regulations for Uber's services, including its most popular UberX service.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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Hazards & Detriment of Driving During A Wintry Mix -- Winter Driving #Fail!

Snow Driving Fail

When things go wrong on winter roads. It doesn't matter how good you think you're driving it. You still have to worry about the other guy.

Sad how so many people think they can drive the same way, all the time, no matter the conditions. There are good reasons you're asked to stay off the roads during a winter storm. You can be the best driver in the world, but it won't matter when someone else looses control and plows into you.

Ozzie: Ray Rice Situation To Change Ravens Hiring Practices #StateOfTheRavens

Team Owner Says 2014 Was His Worse Year Ever

OWINGS MILLS, MD. -- At the annual State of The Ravens press conference, team officials were very candid. In speaking  about the lasting effects of the domestic abuse charges against star running back Ray Rice, they mentioned changes in how new players would be seleceted.

According to general manager Ozzie Newsome, evaluation of  prospective players will be critical if they have a history of domestic violence. "Someone who has domestic abuse in their background, it's going to be tough for them to be considered a Raven," Newsome said Tuesday in the annual State of the Ravens news conference.

"We were treating domestic violence the same we did a bar fight, and that was a mistake," team president Dick Cass said. "That was wrong. I think the league has recognized that. We certainly recognized that. That's an offense that will be treated very differently going forward."

The yearlong Ray Rice scandal and multiple arrests within the Baltimore Ravens organization weighed on owner Steve Bisciotti more than any other season.

It was so tumultuous that Bisciotti joked about being on "suicide watch."

"It was my worst year as an owner," Bisciotti said Tuesday at the annual State of the Ravens news conference. "I had 14 good years, and then I had an absolute crappy year."

Last year, Rice's domestic violence incident dominated national news. Team officials supported Rice for months last offseason before abruptly cutting the running back in September after a video of him hitting his future wife was released publicly.

Source: ESPN.com

SPECTATOR RADIO: Your Government Lies And You Don't Care

In one of his angriest recordings to date, James MacArthur let's loose on government abuse and how the American people tolerate it and approve it.

28 February 2015

On The Branch Davidians And Domestic Terror & Government Misconduct *WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE*

51 Bloody Days Later The Siege Ended -- 76 People Were Killed -- None Were Government Agents
Originally a series of numbered tweets, the essay below reflect my views, looking back on how the United States Government handled the case against David Koresh and The Branch Davidians. 

Light editing for punctuation or expanding words from abbreviations has been done, but the words are basically as was said, off the top of my head on Twitter.

It should be noted, initially there was only a warrant for one single man. The religious separatists living at the compound were not under criminal investigation, nor were there any warrants for their apprehension. We were told their leader was who was wanted.

The government waged a war, and attacked a whole group of peaceful people, who were bothering no one, in order to execute a warrant against ONE MAN.

This is not an attempt at an exhaustive dissection of all that went wrong -- it was a series of impromptu tweets. My opinion.

The reader is encouraged to research other sources to get a more comprehensive view, of what I personally see as a very dark chapter in not just American history, but the history of freedom and democracy at large. -- James MacArthur, Agitator-In-Chief


27 February 2015

Misled By A Picture? -- Start Reading More

With numerous disclaimers present, choosing to ignore written word is fault of the reader.

In a podcast, editor James MacArthur responds to readers who disagree with the use of the cover picture used in a story.

Among other things, the story on the Southwest Airlines incident at BWI reveals a little known pre #911 incident. It details the time when passengers basically beat an unruly, disruptive man to death. 

That in itself is an incredible story, yet all some people want to do is talk about the cover picture. 

A highly detailed, accurate, well researched, comprehensive story has been reduced to accusations of "bad journalism" from some, because rather than actually read, they get stuck on a single picture. Unbelievable!

26 February 2015

Southwest Airlines Plane Makes Emergency Landing At BWI Airport

Airline Has Never Had A Fatal Crash In Its Entire 44 Year Operating History

26 February 2015

By A.F. James MacArthur 
Agitator In Chief 
On Twitter: @BaltoSpectator 

BALTIMORE -- (MINS) Airport officials confirm a passenger carrying aircraft had to make an emergency, unscheduled "precautionary" landing Thursday morning at Baltimore's BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.

After the story broke here, nearly five hours passed before Baltimore mainstream news media began reporting on the emergency incident.

According to The Baltimore Sun, while bound for Boston from Atlanta, the captain of Southwest flight 319 -- carrying 113 passengers aboard -- declared an emergency Thursday morning, after an "electrical smell" was detected in the cabin.

The plane was then diverted to making an unscheduled, emergency landing at the Baltimore airport.

25 February 2015

ANOTHER ONE! Video Shows Baltimore Cop Slugging Suspect In The Face #MobTown Chronicles

Police Claimed To Be Unaware Of Video Until TV Station Shows Them
Filed by James MacArthur

Sometimes in Baltimore it's really hard to keep up with all the shenanigans involving Baltimore police.

WJZ reports the video is the latest in a string of caught-on-camera incidents that have called into question officers’ behavior, including an incident where a cop was caught on camera punching a man near a bus stop.

In fact, a Baltimore Sun investigation recently detailed dozens of cases where the city paid out more than $11 million to settle allegations of police brutality—part of why Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake now actively support the introduction of body cameras on all officers so they have more evidence of when police force is justified or crosses the line.
“What, you got probable cause?” the man asked.
“I’m going to ask you to get out of my face,” the officer replied.
“Don’t touch me!” the man replied.
In this video, you see a confrontation between a young man and an officer. Although the young man acted in a manner in which we wouldn't suggest, the officer seems to use way more force than is necessary. By punching the man in the face, the officer escalated the situation to a place it didn't need to go.

Source: WJZ

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Horseshoe Isn't Good Luck As First Dining Establishment Shuts Down

Casino owned by bankrupt parent company has been plagued with problems since opening
Filed by James MacArthur

Only six months after opening, the Baltimore's Horseshoe Casino is seeing its first dining departure.
"It's been a great experience but ultimately the Horseshoe customer and our product mix just didn't take hold..."  Nikki Lewis, owner, The Mallow Bar
The casino has fallen millions short on promised revenue projections every month since it opened. In January the venue brought in $23.2 million, but the facility was expected to average more than $31 million each month.

The Mallow Bar, a dessert cafe in the casino's Baltimore Marketplace, will close later this week. The cafe is one of five local vendors that comprise the marketplace, including Lenny's Delicatessen, Heavy Seas and Tark's.

Source: Baltimore Business Journal

How To Deal With Winter Time Blues -- Caribbean Style

Photo courtesy of  Virgin Islands Sailing
As a sailor, and native Virgin Islander, I'm obligated to share with you how awesome my island is right about now. 

Especially considering the weeks long ordeal of sub freezing temps most of the country has had to endure. -- JM

Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops Dramatically, Still Higher Than Everywhere Else

Have Baltimore kids finally figured out proper condom use?

The Baltimore Sun reports; Baltimore's teen pregnancy rate dropped by nearly a third from 2009 to 2013, far surpassing the city's goal for reducing the rate, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake plans to announce today.
"While public health officials cheered the reduction, the city's rate remains twice as high as the state's and significantly higher than the national average..."

Got Privacy?

As usual, Kal nails it!



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To all those who willfully, deliberately and routinely violate the civil rights of law abiding American Citizens; Yes, you're powerful. Sure, you're everywhere. But this is still America, and the Constitution of the United States Of America still reigns supreme as the law of the land. The Baltimore Spectator will vigorously and aggressively defend against any and all attempts at spying and suppression. Let it be known to all that we are already aware of the regular monitoring and shadowing attempts. There is nothing to hide, but cross the line and there will be hell to pay.

In the end, efforts to impinge upon the freedoms of the people will ultimately fail. Some of us may get taken out in the ongoing battle for true and lasting freedom, but as I've said many times before, and will say till the day I die or get taken out by you goons, THERE ARE MORE OF US, THAN THERE ARE OF YOU.

A.F. James MacArthur -- American patriot & lover of liberty.

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